Private Kindergarten Overview

Private Kindergarten is available for children that turn five years of age prior to September 1st. Our small Kindergarten class size of 16 students with a degreed teacher and a full time assistant teacher enhances individual instruction and allows the teacher to evaluate each student’s learning style and needs. The Sunshine State Standards are a basic framework for our curriculum and instruction plan, as they were originally intended when approved by the State of Florida Board of Education in 1996.

The Sunshine State Standards were created to provide schools with the flexibility to design their curriculum around their enrollment needs. There are four separate grade clusters made up of seven subject areas. For BROWN Academy, the cluster we will focus on is Pre-kindergarten to 2nd Grade. By creating a curriculum that expands two grade levels past those students enrolled, our program will challenge students and provide academia that will encourage students to meet their full potential. The Kindergarten day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 2:00pm. Before and after school care is available.

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