Pre-Kindergarten Overview

Due to the strength of our preschool program, our prekindergarten program tends to be more advanced as we often delve into curriculum areas traditionally affiliated with kindergarten programs. We offer the Florida State Voluntary Prekindergarten program (VPK) at two different times in an effort to best accommodate different family schedules. Our curriculum includes all of the VPK standards as well as the Sunshine State Standards affiliated with the grade cluster which focuses on Pre-Kindergarten to second grade. This allows children to develop at their own pace and fulfill their academic potential.

Our Prekindergarten Curriculum encompasses the three major approaches to reading instruction; whole language, phonetic and language experience. Using these three approaches, we look to provide children with a positive and rewarding first reading experience. We recognize that although children in this age range have not yet fully developed the muscles needed to correctly hold writing utensils and appropriately form letters, it is required of them when they reach elementary school. Thus we use a program called “Handwriting Without Tears”; which focuses on developing those fine motor muscles at the same time providing developmentally appropriate experiences to teach the required strokes needed for writing each letter. Math and science are taught both as independent subjects as well as incorporated in most of our language arts activities. We use the “Everyday Counts” program to introduce daily calendar, base ten concepts, coin identification and counting, patterning and telling time. In addition the children participate in weekly cooking activities that provide hands on learning experience with basic chemistry, measurement, following a recipe, making predictions, making observations and drawing conclusions. The goals of our curriculum  are always the corner stone of each lesson created for our Prekindergarten students.

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