Our Swim Program, under the direction of Coach Kristen, offers one of the best gifts you can give your child — the ability to be water safe and learn to swim. Our outdoor, salt water, heated pool is specially designed for teaching water safety instruction and swim strokes, which are provided by qualified swim instructors. The pool is carefully supervised at all times by certified lifeguards.

Private and group lessons are offered to children 6 months to adult year-round. In addition, we offer swim enrichment. Lessons can be scheduled both during the week as well as on the weekends.

Swim Programs

All Assisted – Retrieve objects off the bottom – Float on Back Kicking on Front with board. – Scooping motion while on noodle. Submerge head into water while in motion. Blow air into the water out of nose. Jump into the water with/without noodle and float on back.

Elementary Backstroke (assisted).
Paddle to the wall/steps (unassisted).
“Bob” off bottom of pool (assisted). Float on Back (unassisted).
Move forward on board (assisted). Scissor kick on both sides of body (assisted).

Recover from front float to back float (unassisted). “Bob” across Pool (assisted). Basic Freestyle swim with intro to side breathing.
Kick -Front/Back/Side with board. – Elementary Backstroke Arms (unassisted). Jump in water and recover to a back float.

Can Fully Swim On Own- Streamline underwater with hands/head in correct position Freestyle Arms with Side Breathing. Backstroke Swimming. Butterfly Introduced. “Bob” across pool.

Swim Team Readiness – Freestyle with stroke refinement. Backstroke refinement. Butterfly stroke refinement & Dolphin kick on Front/Sides/Back.
Flip turn introduction with streamline push off. Breast stroke introduction with correct timing.

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