Our Facility

Our spacious campus encompasses over 13,000 square feet under air, as well as over 10,000 square feet of outdoor learning environments and playground space.
Classrooms: Although we group our students according to their chronological age, we understand that children develop at their own pace and therefore, each of our fourteen indoor learning environments are specially designed and equipped to meet a wide range of developmental levels. Every classroom has its own water fountain and bathroom facilities.
Media Center: Reading is one of the most important life skills. Our Media Center includes an extensive children's library, including selections from every literary genre. In addition, the Media Center has a computer lab with a wide variety of appropriate software.
Gymnasium: Our huge, air conditioned indoor gym provides the perfect atmosphere for your child's physical development away from the hot Southwest Florida sun!
Playground: Over 5,600 square feet of playground area is strategically located in an interior courtyard, designed specifically with safety in mind. The surrounding classroom buildings protect this park like environment and each classroom door opens directly onto the playground.
Our courtyard includes; a picnic area, an art center, dramatic play area, music center, climbing structures, sand and water play area and a tricycle path. All elements of our playground have been carefully selected with safety as our first priority. The design and layout of this environment was strategically planned with your child's physical, spatial and social development in mind.
Swim Center: Our heated pool is especially designed to teach water safety instruction and swim strokes. There is a large viewing area on our deck where we welcome family members to observe their child's lesson. Conveniently located adjacent to the deck are the swim office and bathroom facilities.
Driveway: The lengthy driveway, which wraps around our campus, offers the opportunity for an optional morning carline drop off time and two afternoon carline pick up times. Just one of the many premiere services offered by BROWN Academy ... because your child is worth it!
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